Dan Breton StoneWork

Dan Breton is more than a contractor. He is an artist.


Dan has devoted much of his life to the arts, and in a number of disciplines. In addition to being an accomplished musician, he also has experience in graphic, architectural and landscape design. His cinematography and documentary filmmaking have garnered numerous awards.


Since moving to West Stockbridge in 2006, Dan has devoted himself to carrying on the great tradition of stonemasonry.  He has studied the work and methods of the true masters, and is committed to hand-building creations that represent the highest expression of this age-old craft.


In his (occasional) spare time, Dan does fine carpentry work,  often using reclaimed woods.  He is also a botanist, bird-watcher and gardener. He is a proponent of conservation and the planting of native species, and remains sensitive to nature and ecology in all that he does.






P.O. Box 497 Housatonic, MA 01236-0497 email@danbretonstonework.com phone: 413-822-2772